What is the BabyScreen+ research study?

In Victoria, all babies can have standard newborn screening (the ‘heel prick test’). This screens for around 25 serious but treatable childhood-onset conditions.

BabyScreen+ is a research study where parents can choose to have their baby’s heel prick sample screened for over 500 additional treatable, childhood-onset conditions. This is called genomic newborn screening.

This study is investigating the best way to deliver genomic newborn screening for babies across Victoria.

How to take part

Who can participate?

You can enrol in the study if you have received a BabyScreen+ study invitation card.

To enrol you must:

  • Be aged 16 years or over
  • Be pregnant
  • Be planning to give birth in Victoria
  • Be the birth parent (the person who is giving birth to the baby)
  • Have your unique study ID; this is printed on your study invitation card

What is involved?

  • Providing some details about yourself and your pregnancy
  • Learning about genomic newborn screening via an online platform called Genetics Adviser
  • Deciding whether or not to have genomic newborn screening for your baby
  • Completing three surveys: at the time you enrol, 3 months after results, and 12 months after results

It takes around 30 minutes to enrol.

After your baby is born, we will test the same sample that is collected for standard newborn screening. No additional sample collection is required for BabyScreen+.

Enrol Here

If you have any questions or concerns about participating in BabyScreen+, please contact our study team

Proudly in partnership with

BabyScreen+ is funded by the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund as part of the Genomics Health Futures Mission, grant number MRF2015937.